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Who we are:

We love hammocks. Our story started many years ago with the meeting of Mayan people from Yucatan and the discovery of their wonderful products, the Mayan hammocks. For many year we went back to Yucatan to meet with our friends and partners, and to know more and more about the Mayan culture. These great people deserve our help and this is why we have decided to help them to make the Mayan hammocks available all around the world. We know that hammock weavers are treated ethically and that no kid is working for us. 

Our hammocks meet the fair trade code of conduct

In 2016 I met with an organization who for the last 30 years have teached weavers from the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand how to make the most beautiful and weather proof hammocks. Since we share the same vision Hammock Yucatan is now part of the team as the distributor of those great hammocks in North America. I choose the brand name Hill-tribe hammocks because it says what it is. Those hammocks are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization

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If you are already established as a specialist in hammocks or fair trade products you can register in our wholesale/drop ship program.

Drop-Ship program: We're happy to act as your drop-shipper. Unlike other suppliers, you won't pay extra for this service. Furthermore, we will give you prices "shipping included" for most region. You sell, you send us your order and we ship directly to your client. How can it be easier ?

Hotels, Spas & Resorts: Nothing says "relax" like a beautiful hammock or hammock chair. It's the kind of extra touch that your customers will remember & appreciate.

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