The right hammock fibre

The body of a regular Mayan hammock is available either in cotton or in nylon (which is actually polypropylene).

For more strength the suspension arms are always made from nylon. The cotton fibre breathe and will stretch to adjust perfectly to the shape of your body making it the most comfortable of all.

The hammock made from nylon will stretch less. It is less comfortable, more like sleeping on a firm mattress. In southern Mexico the nylon is widely used for it's capacity to resist humidity and perspiration.

Cotton fibre is available in # 9 size, the thinner and the most widely used, and in a #24 yarn, three times the size and strength of the smallest one. Thinner is more comfy and thicker is stronger.

Nylon is offered in # 9.

Cotton is softer but has to be protected from bad weather.

Nylon is stiffer, will resist humidity but will be affected by direct sunlight.

Two different products from which to choose according to your own priorities.

Some hammocks and chairs are now available with a Polyester white yarn that will resist rain and sun