Hammock Yucatan
Hammock history:

Hammocks do not originate from Yucatan. It is believe that hammocks came to Mexico from the Arawak Indians in the Caribbean only 200 years before the arrival of the Spanish. Well, it means that Yucatecans have been weaving hammocks for over 700 years. This is what we call a lot of experience. 

The first hammocks were made with tree barks but quite soon the fibre from the Henequen became the material of choice for a strong hammock. Henequen grow naturally in Yucatan and get is other name, Sisal, from the small port from where it was exported mainly in the form of ropes. Today more modern material have replace sisal. Mayan hammocks are now weaved using either cotton, what people call nylon (which is actually polypropylene) or polyester. Cotton is more comfortable and is the one that sells most in northern countries. Polypropylene hammocks are not as comfortable but they stand better the heavy humidity of southern countries, but this material is affected by sun rays. Polyester and pure true nylon hammocks and chairs are the most expensive but are the best to leave outside. 

Hey gringos, if you come to Merida and someone try to sell you a silk hammock be aware that it is actually polypropylene. As for Sisal hammocks you will only like them if your back is itchy and you want to scratch it.

Most of the population of Yucatan still sleep in hammocks because they are cooler then mattresses and they are easily removed during the day to free some precious space in the rooms. So hammocks here are not just some products used to get a few hours of relaxation under the sun but they are part of the Yucatan culture and an everyday furniture. 

Mayan hammock weavers

In Yucatan hammocks are mainly produced by women. Hammock weaving is an important additional source of income for many families, if not their only one. Over 400 families are working with us to get you the most comfortable hammocks on Earth.

Women usually work from home watching their favourite telenovella and caring for their children. Their conditions are way better then working on factories or on the field. They work at their own pace with no pressure from anybody. We think this is a family friendly work.

They are like small entrepreneurs but they do not have to invest any money. They receive the material and get paid when the hammock is finish. No risk and they control the level of income they want. Our weavers are located all around Merida, the capital city of the Yucatan. 

When you buy a true Mayan hammock from Yucatan you help these incredible people to earn a decent living and to raise their family with honour and respect. 

We thank you on their behalf.