Mayan Hammocks from Yucatan are the most comfortable hammocks on Earth.

The diamond weave adjusts to the weight and shape of the body perfectly. The support removes pressure points and thus allows the muscles of the body to relax. The feeling has been compared to floating on a cloud. Please take note that the Mayan weaving, also called a 4-yarn waving, has every thread to cross 4 more before coming back. This means a tighter weave and less marks on the skin.

Mayan hammocks are very wide allowing to lie down in a diagonal position. Body weight is distributed evenly throughout the hammock. This is the adequate and ideal posture for sleeping, as the inhabitants of the Mayan zone have been doing for hundreds of years.

Every Mayan hammock is 100% handwoven on vertical looms by talented artisans using centuries old techniques. These hammocks are handwoven in the state of Yucatan in Mexico. Each one is a unique work of art and no two are exactly alike.

An X- large hammock is woven with more or less 2 kilometres of thin cotton or nylon rope and the Mayan weavers take from 2 weeks to a full month to complete one. The produced hammock is strong enough to hold from 150kg to 400kg. They are easy to carry, store, light and ideal for trips. A hammock weighs between 0.9 and 3kg, depending on the style and size.

For more then 200 families working with us, hammock weaving represent an important additional income if not their only one.