As it is diagonally that we must lie in a hammock the width matters more then the length. As a rule always get the widest hammock that you can afford.

The sizing of Mayan hammocks is not easy to understand. The double for one supplier is a medium or a matrimonial for another. Some will use the width, like 1,8meter, although it is clear that a loosely weaved hammock will open more then a tighter one. A tightly woven hammock will stretch less while a loose weave will produce a big hammocks but uncomfortable leaving waffle marks on the skin.
We prefer to consider the amount of yarn used to weave the hammock. The reason is simple; the more material is used, the bigger the hammock and the more time was needed to produced it. We control this by checking the weight of the hammock.

The (#) in the description of the size of the hammock refers to the number of spools of material used to weave the body of the hammock.

The best way to compare Mayan hammocks is by their weight

MEDIUM Mayan hammock (#4)

This MEDIUM hammock is for a medium size person or for two kids to relax. Also good to take camping.

Weight: 2lbs (900gr)
Size*: 3,6' x 13.12' (110cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 440lbs (200kg)

LARGE (Matrimonial) (#5)

This LARGE hammock is OK for two persons cozy but more comfortable for one adult who can stretch and sleep in it.

Weight: 2.64lbs (1,2kg)
Size*: 5.6'x 13' (170cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 550lbs (250kg)

King size hammock (Family) (#6)

This EXTRA-LARGE wonderful hammock has the perfect size to really enjoy a good night sleep. Will take 2 or more persons as it can hold 660lbs.
This is the best hammock, have one !

Weight: 3.1lbs (1,40kg)
Size*: 6.6' x 13' (200cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 660lbs (300kg)

Jumbo hammock (#7)

A BIG one and the whole family will enjoy it.

Weight: 3.75lbs (1,70kg)
Size*: 19.8' x 13' (300cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 770lbs (350kg)

Thick cord hammocks

Those hammocks are made with a #24 cotton yarn 3 times bigger then the regular one. The stronger yarn is a good choice if the hammock is intended for kids or for a commercial usage.

Two sizes available


Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)
Size: 6.55' x 13.12' (200cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 770lbs (350kg)


Weight: 6.6lbs (3kg)
Size: 7.55' x 13.12' (230cm x 400cm)
Capacity: 880lbs (400kg)

* The sizes are approximates since they depend on how tight the hammocks are woven.

          Medium                                   Matrimonial                                        Family                                     Jumbo