Hammock Yucatan

The MAYAN chair is made with cotton or polyester and is large enough to stretch your legs. Our cotton hammock chairs are woven with the unique 4-yarns technique exclusive to Mayan artisans from Yucatan.

hammock chair

WHICH CHAIR ?  There are 4 factors to consider before buying any hammock chair.

The MATERIAL: Thick cotton chairs are the most comfortable but it is better to store them if you don't use them for a while. They also have to be protected from rain, or at least make sure they get really dry before storing. 

The Morelos chairs are made with polypropylene cordons that will not be affected by rain but they will suffer from too much direct sun light. Perfect for shaded areas, near a lake or a pool and is popular with spa owners.

The QUANTITY of material will determine the length of the chair. Our chairs are long enough so you can either sit straight or stretch for the best possible naps.

The LENGTH OF THE SPREADER BAR will determine the shoulder space. Most chair use a 36" to 39" wood bar and will make you feel prisoner of your chair. Moving your arms or having a sip at your drink won't be fun. We like to make our chairs with a 115cm (46") wood bar, and it makes a big difference. 

Finally, the TYPE OF WEAVING is one of the most important factor for a comfortable hammock or hammock chair. Our cotton hammock chairs are woven with the unique 4-yarns technique exclusive to Mayan artisans from Yucatan.

Take a good look at the pictures before choosing from a web site. The 2-yarns technique allow for a large chair with less material (cheaper) but will leave you with bad waffle marks on your skin.

                      2-yarns                                       4 yarns


There are more than one way to hang a Mayan chair.

The standard way is to hang it by the central top loop to a ceiling, a balcony, a tree branch. etc. Most chairs will need at least 7' in height to be installed. Just make sure that you find a strong enough beam to hold the weight.

By removing the wood bar and the top triangular shaped ropes you can then hang it directly on the chair loops. All you need is at least 4 ft between 2 trees or post, places that are to narrow to install a hammock. This is a favourite method when going camping or at the park.

Without the spreader bar the chair is light and easy to carry. The best installation is when the chair loops are 48" apart. The bigger the distance between the trees the higher you install your ropes or straps.

You can also use this method to hang from the top, with or without the wood spreader bar. This way the chair will be more stable without spinning around.