How to hang your FAIR TRADE Mayan hammock from Yucatan

To be comfortable in a Mayan hammock you must lie diagonally or across it, and this is why it is only the width of the hammock that change from one size to another. Your hammock have to hang making a nice smile. The end loops have to be between 6 and 6.5 feet high and roughly 11' to 12' apart. The center of the hammock, the lowest part of it, have to be about 20" from the ground, or what is the more convenient for you to get in and out of the hammock. The more distance between the trees the higher you need to attach your cords.


  Avoid installing the hammock directly to a metal hook since it will damage the end loops. The best way to hang the hammock is by using  ropes to make an easy knot as picture here. This knot is also easy to undo if you need to adjust the hammock height.

How to use your Yucatan Hammock

Now that the hammock is safely installed it is time to relax. First stand in front of the middle of the hammock, facing away from it, grab a handful of fabric of the far side in your hand and lift it over your shoulders. Keeping your hand high sit in the hammock and lay on your back. OK, you can now let go your handful of hammock. Get your feet in the hammock and move yourself until you find your sweet spot where you will feel no pressure point. Although your hammock can hold a lot of weight, buttons on pants can break the thin cotton yarn. With proper care your Mayan hammock will last for many years of true relaxation.

Remember to go diagonally at a 30 to 45 degrees angle, depending on your size and the size of the hammock, to get your back as straight as possible.

Very soon you will reach a state of pure happiness before falling asleep.

A hammock is not a swing and you should keep an eye on children. Never get in a string hammock with jewels, buttons, shoes or velcro. Don't let your hammock exposed to bad weather and animals.

How to care for your Yucatan Hammock

If you have a cotton hammock it is better to store it when not in use. Cotton have to dry if you do not want it to rot and mildew, so keep it away from rain and never store your hammock if not perfectly dry. Nylon hammocks are not affected by rain but they will last longer if not permanently left exposed to sun rays.
Regularly hand wash your hammock to keep it clean. If you absolutely have to, you can machine wash your hammock but in cold water only. If you do not want to hate yourself attach firmly the suspension arms of the hammock every 6". If they get all  tangled you will need more then a hammock to relax. Let dry outside, never in the dryer. Your clean hammock will shrink a little but get back to it's size when you use it.