Hammock Yucatan

Mexican and Mayan hammocks  (Wikipedia)
In Mexico, hammocks are made in villages surrounding the capital city of the Yucatán, Mérida, and are sold throughout the world as well as locally. They were not part of Classic era Maya civilization; they were said to have arrived in the Yucatán from the Caribbean fewer than two centuries before the Spanish conquest. In addition to bark and sisal, hammocks were constructed from various materials, including palm fronds. he first hammocks were made with tree barks but quite soon the fibre from the Henequen became the material of choice for a strong hammock. Henequen grow naturally in Yucatan and get is other name, Sisal, from the small port from where it was exported mainly in the form of ropes.

Quality of native and modern hammocks depends greatly on the quality of the material, thread, and the number of threads used. Mayan hammocks are made on a loom and are hand woven by men and women.
Hammocks are so symbolically and culturally important for the Yucatecans that even the most humble of homes have hammock hooks in the walls. Most of the population of Yucatan still sleep in hammocks because they are cooler then mattresses and they are easily removed during the day to free some precious space in the rooms. So hammocks here are not just some products used to get a few hours of relaxation under the sun but they are part of the Yucatan culture and an everyday furniture.

When you buy a true Mayan hammock from Yucatan you help our incredible people to earn a decent living and to raise their family with honour and respect. 
We thank you on their behalf.